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Finding the Right Neighborhood

Want to get the feel of an area or neighborhood, but driving through it is sooo 2018? What better way to see Bainbridge Island than by running through part of it (ok, we can walk too if that’s your thing). All your senses will be turned on and ready to take it all in. You want to be able to visualize yourself in the neighborhood. Can you picture yourself walking your dog there? Is it a good area for the kids to play? Are you in walking distance to get your latte? We all have priorities, right??

And what can you hear or not hear? Maybe the birds and nature sounds are your thing or maybe hearing the hum of the cars drive by is more soothing. Maybe you will even get a chance to talk to a few of the locals in the area. These are the people you will be borrowing sugar from. Picture yourself walking in your robe and knocking on their door to get that cup of sugar.

And remember, any smells are not as noticeable from a car. But when you are taking in those nice deep breaths, you’ll notice everything. Good and bad. But not in that order.

Buying the right house is key, but finding the right neighborhood is just as significant. So start that new years tradition being more active and get out there and run the neighborhoods. Contact me when you are ready to get the Bainbridge Island running experience. I will plot out an area for us to run and give you the facts about the neighborhood while running (or walking of course.)