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Wine Tasting on Bainbridge Island

Welcome to Bainbridge Island, where the vibrant community caters to diverse tastes, from outdoor enthusiasts to families seeking excellent schools, and those yearning for a tranquil escape from the city bustle. However, for those with a love affair with wine, this island paradise offers an extra-special treat.

Nestled in the heart of Washington State, the second-largest wine-producing state in the U.S., Bainbridge Island boasts its very own mini-wine country, proudly hosting 6 unique wineries and a picturesque vineyard that promises an unforgettable experience for wine lovers.

Whether you’re a local seeking a delightful weekend activity or a visitor enchanted by the allure of Bainbridge Island, our island’s wine country awaits. Bainbridge Homes Real Estate is thrilled to recommend this extraordinary blend of community, culture, and, of course, fantastic wine. So, raise a glass and savor the flavors of Bainbridge Island – where the vineyards meet the view, and every sip tells a story. Cheers to life on the island!


1. Eleven Winery is committed to crafting exceptional wines while ensuring that your enjoyment of them is equally outstanding. Embracing a philosophy of simplicity in winemaking, Eleven seeks to cultivate intricate flavors within each bottle. The production is centered around unique grape varieties, such as Mourvèdre, Malbec, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Pinot Grigio, Roussanne, Viognier, and a selection of others. The wine collection features a delightful dry rosé, along with enticing white and red dessert wines.

  • LOCALS’ KNOW-HOW: Elevating your experience, Eleven proudly holds the title of the Island’s largest winery and Best of Bainbridge since 2014, treating visitors to live musical performances every Sunday from 2-5 pm!

Winery location: 7671 NE Day Rd W, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Tasting Room in Winslow: 287 Winslow Way East Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


2. Eagle Harbor Wine Co. has been skillfully crafting exquisite wines on Bainbridge Island since 2005. They enthusiastically embrace time-honored winemaking methods, focusing primarily on the creation of Bordeaux-style reds sourced from some of Washington’s most exceptional vineyards. Their goal is to craft intricate wines that are not only delightful in the present but also promise to evolve into something extraordinary with time.

  • LOCALS’ KNOW-HOW: Revel in live musical performances every Sunday throughout the summer, creating a harmonious backdrop to your winery experience from 2-4 pm!

Winery location: 8897 Three Tree Ln NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Tasting Room in Winslow: 400 Winslow W. E, Suite 115, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


3. Fletcher Bay Winery stands out as a distinctive boutique establishment, dedicating itself to the art of crafting exclusive, robust wines. Specializing in limited-release reds, whites, and fruit blends, the winery carefully selects grapes from the premier vineyards of Eastern Washington. The aging process is meticulously curated in French, Hungarian, and Virginia oak barrels, resulting in wines that boast unparalleled quality and distinctive character.

  • LOCALS’ KNOW-HOW:  Experience specially priced glasses of wine paired with live music every Wednesday from 6-8 pm. The Winslow Way tasting room has the opportunity to enjoy rooftop seating, often available during the summertime! Plus, barrel tastings are available upon request.

Winery location: 9415 Coppertop Loop NE #102, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Tasting Room in Winslow: 500 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


4. Bainbridge Vineyards is 100% nurtured on the island, handpicked and carefully crafted. They pour passion into every bottle, cultivating wine from the roots. Across 7 acres of historic farmland, they cultivate scarce and graceful varietals thriving in Puget Sound, yielding extraordinary wines deeply rooted in authentic island heritage. Boasting a restricted annual output of around 1,200 cases, their wines are an exclusive testament to the bountiful grapes and fruits harvested on the island!

  • LOCALS’ KNOW-HOW: Standing as one of the mere two wineries cultivating their grapes on the island, Bainbridge Vineyards’ organic grapevines, planted in 1977, provide a certified testament to their commitment to authenticity.

Winery and Tasting Room location: 8989 NE Day Road, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


5. Rolling Bay Winery is nestled in the heart of the Rolling Bay neighborhood on the island. Standing as a boutique winery, meticulously crafting limited batches of premium wines. Their expertise lies in the art of handcrafting, using grapes cultivated on Snipes Mountain—an esteemed AVA in Washington State with a rich history as one of the oldest vineyards.

  • LOCALS’ KNOW-HOW: Alphonse, the owner and winemaker will personally welcome guests, offering a unique opportunity to savor barrel samples and delve into the world of fine craftsmanship!

Winery and Tasting Room location: 11272 Sunrise Drive NE , Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


6. Perennial Vintners, a charming winery in the heart of Puget Sound AVA, specializes in crafting delicate, fragrant wines in Washington’s cool maritime climate. With both new and ancient vines, their unique varieties like Melon de Bourgogne, Siegerrebe, Müller Thurgau, and Lemberger stand out. For a sweeter option, indulge in Frambelle, a raspberry dessert wine made from Bainbridge Island’s finest.

  • Noteworthy distinction: Perennial Vitners houses Washington state’s smallest commercial vineyard—just 2.5 acres.
  • LOCALS’ KNOW-HOW: Mike, the owner, winemaker, and vineyard manager, not only pours your wine but also provides a personal vineyard tour. His passion extends to sharing the island’s grape-growing history with every visitor, making Perennial Vintners a must-visit gem for wine enthusiasts.

Winery and Tasting Room location: 8840 NE Lovgreen Road, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


If you’ve recently moved to Bainbridge Island or are just visiting, let Bainbridge Homes Real Estate guide you through an enriching experience of our island’s wine culture. As newcomers, you’re in for a treat, discovering the unique flavors and welcoming atmospheres that define our local wineries.

New to Bainbridge Island?

Congratulations on your move to Bainbridge Island! As you settle into your new community, there’s no better way to get acquainted with the local culture than by exploring our vibrant wine country. The wineries mentioned above are not just places to enjoy fantastic wines; they are also hubs of community engagement. Join locals at events, tastings, and gatherings hosted by these wineries to make new friends and forge connections in your new hometown.

Visiting Bainbridge Island?

If you’re here for a short stay, make the most of your visit by indulging in the rich wine offerings Bainbridge Island has to offer. Bainbridge Homes Real Estate recommends a wine-tasting tour, allowing you to experience the island’s diverse wineries and vineyards. It’s not just about the wine; it’s about immersing yourself in the local lifestyle and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you’re a new resident or a temporary visitor, Bainbridge Island’s wine country is a welcoming escape where you can unwind, connect with others, and savor the best of what our community has to offer. Cheers to new beginnings and unforgettable experiences on beautiful Bainbridge Island!