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person runningEver have a PR (personal record) you really want to beat and THIS time you think you’ve got it in the bag? In fact, you’ve already decided how you’re going to celebrate and who you want to share this joyous news with.  But as life would have it… It. Did. Not. Happen. Ugh! Maybe your knee started acting up again or maybe you hadn’t prepared as well as you thought you had. Whatever the reason, you feel defeated.

And this doesn’t happen only in running. This happens in house buying and in general, life. So what do you do? Sulk? Yes, you could. But let’s face it, that is no road to achievement.

I’ve seen this feeling of defeat happen again and again when buyers are trying to put an offer on a listing. It’s not an easy market for buyers right now and that can leave some scars. But my advice, don’t quit. Satisfaction comes to the ones who persist and win.

Check out this article and know you are not alone in this sellers market.