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Anja Williams

Anja Williams


Your well being is important…but don’t forget about your houses’ well being

Alignment issue. Overuse. Underuse.  Just a few things my body is dealing with…  So I went to an expert to help me get my body back to optimal working condition. Running with over stretched hamstring muscles is simply not a good idea, nor does it feel good.

And as spring has officially arrived, now is a great time to not only focus on your well being, but the well being of your house. Without proper maintenance, your house will slowly deteriorate and that is especially not good if you are wanting to put it on the market. Here are a few ideas for getting your house back in working order and ready to sell:

  • Make sure everything works that’s supposed to…replace light bulbs, fix loose door knobs, oil squeaky doors.
  • Make the front door area inviting, maybe add a few flowers, a new welcome mat. Make sure the doorbell works…kids love to test those. 🙂
  • Declutter, declutter and then declutter some more. You may be used to seeing all those beautiful nicknacks lined up, but potential buyers will just see “clutter everywhere”. And those stuffed full closets should be partially emptied. No one wants to see the closets busting at the seams. This is not a How Much Can I Shove in My Closet kind of challenge. And if you are feeling extra ambitious, make sure all your hangers match and are facing the same way (It can show that if you are meticulous about organizing, you are probably meticulous about the care of your house).
  • A fresh coat of paint can go a long ways. But not to state the obvious… make sure it’s a neutral color and it looks professionally done. No accidental paint on the trim please!
  • Placement of furniture can make a big room look small or a small room look big. You pick (just make sure it’s the correct one. 😉
  • Smells are something people do not forget. So make it memorable. Think clean, fresh and yummy.
  • And…make sure your home is clean! Make the bathrooms sparkle, wipe down the countertops, clean the dog drool off the glass door, vacuum cereal up off the floor. Could you imagine walking along and CRUNCH!? Just eww.
Good luck!

Enjoy the Scenery

Enjoy the Scenery

As one of the many joys of running, I get the opportunity to see lots of new scenery… and it’s quite beautiful as I live on Bainbridge Island. Even though this is an island, you would be surprised by how much diversity there is. If you want to be encapsulated by trees and have the wilderness vibe, then we’ve got it. Or maybe you prefer the beachy feel and listen to the waves roll in. Want more of a traditional neighborhood? We’ve got that too. We’re like a box of chocolates, but here you get to choose your filling!  

When you decide to move here and are choosing your location, it might feel a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, I’ll bring out the map and give you a good sense of the vicinity. And if you feel like getting some fresh air, I’ll gladly take you for a run tour – one of the best ways to really understand your surroundings.

Battle Point Run

If this isn’t a good enough reason to come to Bainbridge Island, then you’ve got me! This May, check out beautiful Battle Point with your friends and explore your running potential!

While you’re here, maybe stay the weekend and enjoy all that Bainbridge has to offer. If you need suggestions on places to stay or where the best restaurants are, just reach out to me and I’ll give you some recommendations.

For more information, check out the link below:
Battle Point Run

Finding the Perfect House

Finding the perfect house is kind of like finding the perfect running shoes. Don’t believe me? Let me explain…:)

So just the other day, I am in my favorite running store. I went in with an open mind, which is not something I would normally do. (I’m usually brand loyal). My alignment has been off and had a feeling there might be something better for me. Something different, but wasn’t sure what is was… yet. And as with shoes, it’s just as important to go in with an open mind while touring houses. You need to be open to the possibilities. Maybe you think you need a house with a huge yard, but look at a house with a small yard.  You discover it’s your  dream home and there’s a fantastic park across the street. Suddenly the yard may be less important, because the park is actually more ideal. It’s good you kept an open mind and looked at that house.

Secondly, you need to know what’s important to you in a house… just like a shoe, right? Are you looking for the pretty features and the latest and greatest details? Or is functionality more important? It’s not to say you can’t have both, but perhaps a house has been newly remodeled to look magazine worthy, but no matter how you picture it, there is no place for your oversized kitchen table. (You could forcibly buy a smaller table, but then where would the in-laws sit when they visit??  (Knowing the garage is probably  [I say that loosely] not an option.:) And who needs a pretty gold swoosh on your shoes if the shoe is too narrow?

Also…. Enjoy the process!  If you’ve done your homework and have the basics figured out, such as knowing if you need to be close to schools, how much you afford and (most importantly!) having the right realtor who will help you through the whole buying process, then try and enjoy the experience.

I needed to remind myself to enjoy buying a different shoe brand… because this new shoe will ultimately be better for me. My beloved Asics had carried me through years of running. We had done marathons together, traveled together and just like that, it was over. But I remembered to enjoy finding the right shoe for me. It was all about functionality and keeping an open mind to the possibilities.

So just remember, whether it’s buying running shoes or buying a house, it’s basically the same thing.:)

Explore the Pacific NW

Ever want to get out of the house? Maybe take a day trip? Not that going for a run isn’t great for the mind and body, but sometimes it’s good to mix it up and see some new scenery. Pack a lunch and throw the family in the car, because sometimes the best thing to do during these winter days is to get out and explore.

Check out this article I ran (no pun intended:) across and get a few ideas…5 amazing northwest winter hikes for families

The worth of a Real Estate agent

You wouldn’t run in heels, would you? Or work out in a suit? Or certainly not leave your house without your fully charged device with the perfect playlist, would you?

These would all be ridiculous choices… just like trying to buy or sell a house without a professional real estate agent. Don’t get me wrong; I think that “can do” attitude is great (especially when it comes to running hills)! But when it comes to the world of real estate, do you really want to “try and see” if you can get the best offer in the shortest amount of time? If you were at all wondering, the answer is NO! Let me tell you just a few amazing things your real estate agent will do for you:

There is a lot of paperwork! And paying attention to the details is key. One omission or slight mistake could have you losing out on your dream home or losing your escrow money, to name a couple.

We have access to the MLS (aka Multiple Listing Service). And… it’s the most up-to-date database of all homes for sale. Want to see comparable sales in a neighborhood? We can do that. Looking for a particular style of house, with a view, master on the first floor AND built in the last 5 years? If it’s out there, we will find it and set up a time for you to tour the house. Just sit back and let us take care of the details.

Marketing is our middle name. You can’t sell your house/condo/land etc. if no one knows about it. It needs to be advertised! Professional photos will showcase your home and they will be seen far and wide.

Guidance, guidance and more guidance. There are contracts, escrow accounts, inspections, title searches, home appraisals – to name a few. It can seem overwhelming, but when we take you through step by step, you’ll wonder why you were stressing in the first place.

So put on your proper running shoes and find yourself a good real estate agent who will run the extra mile for you!

Feeling out the right neighborhood for you

Want to get the feel of an area or neighborhood, but driving through it is sooo 2018? What better way to see Bainbridge Island than by running through part of it (ok, we can walk too if that’s your thing). All your senses will be turned on and ready to take it all in. You want to be able to visualize yourself in the neighborhood. Can you picture yourself walking your dog there? Is it a good area for the kids to play? Are you in walking distance to get your latte? We all have priorities, right??

And what can you hear or not hear? Maybe the birds and nature sounds are your thing or maybe hearing the hum of the cars drive by is more soothing. Maybe you will even get a chance to talk to a few of the locals in the area. These are the people you will be borrowing sugar from. Picture yourself walking in your robe and knocking on their door to get that glorious sugar.

And remember, any smells are not as noticeable from a car. But when you are taking in those nice deep breaths, you’ll notice everything. Good and bad. But not in that order.

Buying the right house is key, but finding the right neighborhood is just as significant. So start that new years tradition being more active and get out there and run the neighborhoods. Contact me when you are ready to get the Bainbridge Island running experience. I will plot out an area for us to run and give you the facts about the neighborhood while running (or walking of course.)

Sometimes surprises are Not a good thing

Living in Washington we see our fair share of rain. And rain or shine, I’ll be out there running.  As long as I’m properly dressed, it can be refreshing to run in the rain.
You know what else is great about the rain?  When you are buying a house and going through inspections, the rain will let you know if there are any potential leaky areas in and around the house. Finding any hidden issues upfront is the way to go.  Buying a house during the summer is good, but buying in the winter could prove to be more beneficial.

If you have any questions about Real Estate and/or running, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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