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Enjoy the Scenery

As one of the many joys of running, I get the opportunity to see lots of new scenery… and it’s quite beautiful as I live on Bainbridge Island. Even though this is an island, you would be surprised by how much diversity there is. If you want to be encapsulated by trees and have the wilderness vibe, then we’ve got it. Or maybe you prefer the beachy feel and listen to the waves roll in. Want more of a traditional neighborhood? We’ve got that too. We’re like a box of chocolates, but here you get to choose your filling!  

When you decide to move here and are choosing your location, it might feel a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, I’ll bring out the map and give you a good sense of the vicinity. And if you feel like getting some fresh air, I’ll gladly take you for a run tour – one of the best ways to really understand your surroundings.