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"There are buyers markets and sellers markets.  Each presents its own unique challenges when buying a home.  In this sellers market that we went shopping in, we found a real gem that absolutely ticked off all the boxes for us.  We really wanted this place.  When we decided to hire someone to  represent us in the process we had no idea of the challenges we would face.  First, we were selling our home and needed the equity to pay for the home we wanted to purchase.  This was no small feat.  Laurel became our voice and held our hands in both the sale of the house we lived in and the purchase of the house we wanted simultaneously.  We became a team as we proceeded through the labyrinth of paperwork and technical hoops we had to navigate.  This involved obtaining a bridge loan which we never heard of until Laurel suggested it.  Long story short, we would not have been able to buy the home we wanted without Laurel.  It gets better.  When we put our bid in, it turns out that there was another interested family that wanted  the home.  It turned out that they made a cash offer... yikes!  We countered on the advice of Laurel and long story short.  Our offer was accepted.  Thanks Laurel.  We really, really wanted this home.  Then as the process of endless paperwork unfolded, there was an obscure lawsuit against the property which in the words of the bank made the property "unwarrantable".  Never even heard of that before but the result was that because of this, the interest rate went up by a .25% which translated to about $17,000 added to the cost of the loan.  To our amazement, Laurel stepped up to help us and with the sellers worked out a solution where we did not have to incur the extra contributing a significant amount of the increased costs.  To conclude.  If you are looking for a very experienced, knowledgable, dedicated, honest and hard working, (meaning available at all times of the day and night, weekends, holidays, what ever), Laurel, in my opinion, is the best you can do.  She was there by our side every step of the way and made a very difficult process, much less stressful and resulted in a truly happy ending.  I so recommend her and had no second thoughts at any point and neither will you.  She is really great." 08/23/2019 - mdsherman6

"Over the past four an a half years, my husband and I have completed three real estate transactions with Laurel: First, the purchase of a small condo, then the purchase of a house followed by the sale of the condo. Her advice through every step of the way was spot on. She guided us through  negotiating a better purchase price for the condo since the previous owner was taking several large appliances that usually remain. Three and a half years later, the house was purchased during a very hot market, and Laurel encouraged us to offer the list price and include an escalation clause--something we had never heard of. Ours was not the only full price offer, but our escalation clause was not exercised because of another of her suggestions. Laurel explained that a letter introducing us to the sellers and explaining why we liked their home was often instrumental in closing a deal. And she was absolutely correct. A month later, we sold our condo into the same hot market, and Laurel suggested a price that would encourage several offers, and possibly start a bidding war. Her photos, marketing and timing were top notch and we ended up with several offers. We accepted one that was 10% higher than our list price. Throughout all of these transactions, Laurel was a delighfully charming and gracious individual. There were days when we dragged her all over town looking at properties--she always assured us that there was nothing she would rather do. We would recommend Laurel without reservation to anyone needing a realtor." 03/15/2018 - sn000srap

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