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No, I said “downward dog”, not down, dog!

So you’ve decided to move to Bainbridge Island. Great! And you have a love for running, right?? ;).  Ok, so maybe you are not compelled to run if no one is chasing you…. but you want/should/need to do something that your mind and body will thank you for. Or so we are told. Luckily for you, there are options here on this island. Whether it’s your traditional gym, Barre class, yoga, boxing, rock climbing, swimming, Crossfit, karate, Jazzercise, tennis, horseback riding, I have either personally tried some of these places, heard about them through others or simply driven by them (so I at least know that they exist:).  If you need a recommendation, I will gladly give you my two cents worth.

Not only will working out make you feel good, especially after unpacking a zillion boxes, but these are great places to make some new friends. And who doesn’t need a friend?? But before you head out to meet all these amazing new friends, don’t forget the cardinal earbud rule:  If someone is wearing earbuds in both ears, they want nothing to do with you… yet. If they only have one earbud in, approach conservatively. If they have no earbuds, then ask them how in the world they workout without music?!? I need to know!