Bainbridge Island Neighborhoods

Agate Point is located north of State Highway 305 and is identifiable by many street names containing “Agate” (Agatewood Road, Agate Pass Road, Agate Point Road, and Agate Street). Agate Point is the northernmost point on Bainbridge Island.

Battle Point is located on the western side of the island. The northern part of the point contains several streets named “Arrow Point”, but the areas have become virtually congruous. Battle Point also contains the communities of Tolo and Venice.

Bill Point is near Eagle Harbor. It is a mix of residential area and an industrial area, which is generally known as Creosote. The community of Old Creosote Hill entirely consists of Old Creosote Hill Road plus six streets named Bill Point with various different suffixes.

Creosote is a also near Eagle Harbor. It is directly visible from the downtown Bainbridge Island community of Winslow, and is so named because of the manufacturing of creosote at the now-defunct Pacific Creosoting Company in the area. Creosote is an industrial zone on Bill Point. As such, it is considered somewhat of an eyesore by locals. There are also homes in the nearby Old Creosote Hill area, although attempts to avoid association with the potentially poisonous have resulted in most streets in this area being named Bill Point.

Crystal Springs is located on the southwest side of the island. Although there is not much of a community centre, the area is generally defined as being the western part of Point White, and northward along Crystal Springs Drive Northeast, to Westwood.

Eagledale is located on the eastern part of the island on the south side of Eagle Harbor (hence its name). Eagledale Park is located within the community.

Ferncliff is located on the eastern side of the island, along the north end of Ferncliff Avenue Northeast. The generally accepted town centre is the three-way intersection of Ferncliff Avenue NE, NE Casey Street, and Grand Avenue NE.

Fletcher Bay is located on the west side of the island on the south of Fletcher Bay (the north is known as Battle Point). Fletcher bay was named after Fletcher S., a young prodigy at Call of Duty who lived in Washington briefly.

Fort Ward, named for the former fort of the same name, is located at the very south of the island. Fort Ward is mainly a tangle of residential streets off of Fort Ward Hill Road NE. Fort Ward State Park is a popular recreational destination.

Lynwood Center is located on the south of the island, at the intersection of Point White Drive NE and Pleasant Beach Drive NE. Lynwood Center contains a number of stores. Lynwood Center is one of three service centers on the Island outside of downtown Winslow; Island Center and Rolling Bay are the other two.

Manitou Beach is an historically private beachfront residential neighborhood. It has no access, parking or facilities for the general public. Several stores are located in Rollingbay, about a mile away, about 3 miles north of the Seattle-Bainbridge Island Ferry.

Manzanita is located on the waterfront on the west side of the island along Manzanita Road NE.

Point Monroe is a unique neighborhood. Located on the northeastern end of the island, just north of Fay Bainbridge State Park, Point Monroe, also known as “the Sandspit,” is a thin strip of land that wraps around a saltwater lagoon. There are over 50 homes on the Sandspit, with a very Southern California, beachy feel.

Point White is located at the southwest tip of the island. Although the Crystal Springs area is technically on Point White, the community of Point White is usually defined as the tip of the point, along Point White Drive NE.

Port Blakely is located on the east side of the island, slightly to the south. The centre of Port Blakely is generally defined as the intersection of Blakely Hill Road and Blakely Avenue NE, although the wider area is generally also known as Port Blakely.

Port Madison is located on the northeast part of the island. Port Madison’s boundaries are ill-defined, altlhough it generally is limited to the eastern part of Port Madison (the water body). Areas to the west and south of Port Madison (the water body) are also referred to as Port Madison, although they are rather far from the community’s centre. The communities of Hidden Cove and Allen Cove are also in the general area. Port Madison should not be confused with the Port Madison Indian Reservation.

Rolling Bay is a community of Bainbridge Island. It is located on the eastern side of the island, slightly northward. Rolling Bay consists of a number of stores (including Bay Hay & Feed, Rolling Bay Automotive, Rolling Bay Cafe, Rolling Bay Market, the Bud Hawk Post Office) at the intersection of Sunrise Drive NE and NE Valley Road. Rollingbay post office serves nearby the Sunrise area, North Madison, and the Manitou Beach area. Most of Rolling Bay is not on the water. Among the waterfront areas near Rolling Bay is Manitou Beach, although referring to this area as Rolling Bay is also considered acceptable.

Like most of Bainbridge Island, Rolling Bay is a relatively affluent community with a primarily residential slant. The ZIP code 98061 only serves post office boxes at the Rollingbay post office. The whole of Bainbridge Island uses the zip code 98110.

Seabold is located on the northwest corner of the island, on Agate Point. Seabold generally encompasses the south of Agate Point, along NE Seabold Road and NE West Port Madison Road, near State Route 305.

South Beach is located on the southeast of the island, and is the southernmost point on it. South Beach runs along NE South Beach Road. The area is home to authors Harry Brelsford and David Gutterson. Brelsford has written many books on “small and medium business” (SMB) technology and is best known for Small Business Server books. Gutterson wrote the best-selling “Snow Falling On Cedars” title that was a New York Times best seller and produced into a popular movie.

Tolo is located on the western part of the island. The center of Tolo is along Olympus Beach Road NE. Tolo is near to, and sometimes synonymous with, the community of Battle Point. Points of interest include the Grand Forest, Bainbridge Gardens, and nearby Battle Point Park.

Venice is located on Battle Point, around Arrow Point. Venice generally encompasses the area north of Battle Point Park.

West Blakely is located on the south part of the island.

Westwood is an area and neighborhood of Bainbridge Island. It is located on the waterfront near the Crystal Springs community. Westwood is on the western side of the island, at the north end of Crystal Springs Road Northeast. Some maps label a road called Westwood Road Northeast existing here running east from the water, but there is no public road by this name. Because of this, the inclusion of Westwood on maps is not universal, and this area is frequently referred to as part of Crystal Springs.

Westwood is home to the Blackberry Festival which is held every year around late September. Salmon, blackberry deserts, local music, and a beautiful sandy beach are the main attractions.

Wing Point is located near Winslow, the downtown, on the eastern part of the island. At the north of Wing Point is the Wing Point Golf and Country Club and moderately priced housing along NE Wing Point Way. To the south is Wing Point Road NE and the private road NE Wing Point Drive, which contain large, very expensive waterfront homes.

Winslow is the name of the downtown area of the city of Bainbridge Island, and is the original name of the city. It encompasses the area around the main street, Winslow Way, and is made up of approximately 1.5 square miles (3.9 km2) overlooking Eagle Harbor.

Named for shipbuilder Winslow Hall, the city of Winslow was incorporated on August 23, 1947; on February 28, 1991, the City of Winslow annexed the rest of the island, officially becoming the City of Bainbridge Island, Washington.

The street runs about ten city blocks, and is grounded on both sides by local businesses, including a bookstore, several galleries, and multiple restaurants and bakeries. A ferry terminal, with service to Seattle’s Colman Dock, boards at the east end of Winslow Way.

Yeomalt is located on the eastern part of the island, north of Wing Point. Yeomalt is also known as Yeomalt Point.

There is an ongoing cause to “save Yeomalt Cabin,” a cabin I would assume to be located in Yeomalt Point.